LUMINA® Advanced Lens Technology

LUMINA® sun lenses use exclusive patented technology to create the thinnest, lightest prescription sunglass lenses available today. The visual performance of these lenses is unsurpassed, providing a unique combination of optical clarity, glare management and powerful protection from the sun’s harmful rays. 

All LUMINA® lenses are made in our lab in the U.S.A. and are only available from the Sunglass Underground.

LUMINA® sun lenses have the widest prescription range available anywhere — even for difficult wrap sunglasses! If you’ve ever been told, “We can’t make this sunglass in your prescription,” call us, we probably can!

LUMINA® sun lenses have a vast array of options: Polarized, Non-Polarized, Xanadium® Mirror Coatings in 18 different colors – and the list goes on!

Ordering is simple:  you can build a lens to your exact specifications in two or three minutes – it’s easy!

Prescription Range: +7 to -7. Higher prescriptions may be possible for an additional charge. Call or email for further information.

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