How to Order Prescription Eyeglass Lenses

Hey, it’s Emily from the Sunglass Underground and our sister company, iGlass Underground. Today I’m going to show you how to order clear prescription lenses for your eyeglasses in just 2 or 3 minutes; and save $200 to $300 dollars!

You can order clear lenses at or by going to “Shop Lenses” on the menu; and choosing “Prescription Clear Lenses.”

Ordering prescription lenses from us is super-easy. We make the finest prescription lenses for every brand!  So, buy a pair of glasses you love, make sure they fit well, and then get your lenses from our amazing lab, at prices that are 50 to 70% less than retail!

Let’s take a look.  First, choose the type of lenses you need: Single Vision or Progressive.

A Single Vision lens has one type of correction or “power” over the entire lens.  A Progressive lens, sometimes called a No-Line Bifocal, has three optical powers in one lens. Since many people need one strength of lens for seeing close-up, like reading, and another strength of lens for distance vison, like driving, the Progressive lens is the perfect solution. It blends your close-up, mid-range and distance-vision needs all into one seamless lens.

And, all of our Lumina lenses use the most advanced digital technology.

Let’s choose the Lumina Progressive Elite 4K, the most advanced progressive lens on the market today.

Next, we need to choose the lens material. There are four choices.

Polycarbonate is tough and impact resistant and about 25% thinner than conventional plastic. Trivex is also thinner than conventional plastic and even stronger than polycarbonate, but its main advantage is: it’s ultra-clear! with an optical clarity rating about 40% higher than polycarbonate and other materials.

1.67 is thinner than Polycarbonate and Trivex. For strong prescriptions that are plus or minus 5, or stronger, it’s a good choice.

1.74 is the thinnest lens material. If you have a really strong prescription, this might be the best choice for you.

I’m going to choose the Lumina Trivex lenses, because I want them ultra-clear.

No matter which material you choose, they all come with our Premium Anti-reflective Coating.

Next, enter your frame type. Just choose the photo that matches your glasses. Mine is “semi-rimless”.

Now, we need to get 3 things from you: your glasses, your prescription and your PD measurement. And we make all of that really easy too!

How will you send us your glasses?  We can send you our pre-paid mailer. Or, you can send them yourself if you’re in a rush. Let’s choose, “Send me your pre-paid mailer.”

Next, we’ll need a copy of your prescription. You can upload a photo of it, email it to us, or send it with your glasses. I don’t have it right now, so let’s choose, “I’ll send it with my glasses.”

The last thing we need is your PD measurement, which stands for “Pupillary Distance”. This is the distance between your eyes, and you can usually get this measurement from your eye doctor. If you don’t have it, don’t worry. Just click on “How to Measure Your PD” at the bottom of our Home page, and we’ll show you a few easy ways to get it. Your PD can be one number or two numbers.

I have one number: 58, so I’ll enter it here.

And that’s it!  You just saved $200 to $300 dollars!  This is Emily, from the Sunglass Underground, where the more you know about lenses, the better we look!

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