Choosing the Right Sunglasses for Golf!

Choosing the Right Sunglasses for Golf!

Golf is a game where small changes can have a huge impact on your handicap. You can’t control the wind, the cut of the grass, or fix your swing in a day — but you can control the sun. With the right pair of sunglasses, you can not only block out the harmful UV rays you’re exposed to on the green, but you can actually improve your game! The world of golf sunglasses is complex, and there are opinions all over the place about what makes the best golf sunglasses. Because of all the confusion, we’ve put together a definitive guide to finding the perfect sunglasses when you’re on the course. In order to do this, we’ve broken down the glasses to their essential components: The Frame, and The Lens.

The Frame

A lot can go into the frame. As you know, if you’ve ever bought a pair of sunglasses, the frames can vary wildly, from Aviators to wrap-arounds, from shield frames to square frames. The world of sunglass frames is a beast of its own. While you can use any frame you’d like when you’re golfing, there are a few key features that would make a frame the perfect golfing sunglass frame.

First is actually your view. When you’re tilting your head for your golf swing, you’ll want to make sure you have full vision of your ball. If your sunglasses have bottom frames, you’ll find that as you tilt your head and move, the bottom frame can obstruct your view. This means that your sunglasses could actually hinder your ability to have consistent strokes, as your vision is continually being obscured. While it may not make a huge difference in your handicap, having a pair of sunglasses that don’t have a bottom frame is the first thing to look for in a pair of golfing sunglasses.

The second feature of the perfect sunglass frames for golfing is the fit. Regular sunglasses often sit very loose. Your golf swing starts with your head tilted down, which means regular sunglasses are going to start moving. If your sunglasses are continually falling off, or just even sliding down your nose every time you go to take a swing, your consistency is going to suffer. If you’ve ever experienced this before, then you’ll also know how aggravating this feeling is. Constantly pushing up your glasses while you play could affect your mental state. Golf is reliant on precision, your two-foot putt is going to feel like 20 feet when your glasses keep sliding down your nose.

Our final feature for the perfect frame is a lot like the fit, it’s all about comfort. While your fit plays a huge part into the comfort you feel when wearing your golfing sunglasses, there are other aspects of comfort when it comes to sunglasses. We have three suggestions for the optimal frame comfort. The first is having a frame that fits securely. Full-wrap sunglasses made for sports, such as one made by Oakley, Maui Jim or Costa del Mar are ideal. The second and third are similar, rubberized nose bridges and temples. These two features will help your sunglasses stay in place and help your comfort over long day of playing. This will give you full control over your sunglass comfort.

The Lens

Frame comfort, fit, and style can play a big part of what makes the perfect pair of golfing sunglasses, but the real hero is always going to be the lens. Without the best lenses specifically made for golfing sunglasses, you’ll always be hindering your golf game. So, what makes the perfect golf lenses?

Lens Color and Light Filtration

Lens properties, including its color and how it filters the visible spectrum is the feature that is going to help improve your game the most when it comes to lenses. You’ll want to get a lens color that helps you see the green better, as well as help follow your ball in flight. This means you’ll need to get a lens color that absorbs blue light, which will enhance your ability to see the fairway and ball. A brown or amber lens with the correct light filtering qualities will improve contrast and help enhance your game. It’s important to remember that the light filtering abilities of a lens are in some of the lens coatings, even clear coatings. So simply having an amber or brown lens does not necessarily make it a good lens for golfing. The lens needs to be specially engineered for this purpose.


Full protection from UVA, UVB and UVC rays is very important in a game that takes place with the sun beating down on you. You’ll need the best coverage possible to make sure your eyes are protected entirely throughout your game. Full-wrap sunglasses are recommended, as this will ensure your peripherals are not just protected, but your peripheral vision is enhanced by the amber lenses. Deeper lenses (the vertical measurement of the lenses) are also important, as it this keeps your eyes protected even when you’re looking down at the ball.

Prescription Lenses

For many, prescription golfing sunglasses are a complete necessity. You’ll need to make sure you’re using the best prescription lenses for golfing possible. Many regular frames can be fitted with prescription lenses, but this alone can be a problem for people who regularly wear bifocal glasses or even progressive lenses. Golfing requires a lot of looking down and eye movement that may not be perfect for your regular prescription sunglass lenses. We recommend getting prescription sunglass lenses that are made specifically for golfing, ensuring the best experience when golfing with prescription sunglasses. Get the best prescription lenses for golfing.

What are the best sunglasses for golf?

The best sunglasses for golfing, are usually plastic sports-wrap frames with semi-rimless lenses, fitted with Sunglass Underground’s LUMINA™ PRO-TOUR™ GOLF Lenses. Our PRO-TOUR™ GOLF lens uses the most advanced light filtering technology to enhance the contrast and topography of the fairway and greens. Whether you’re buying a brand-new pair, or sending us a great pair you already own, we will custom fit them with the world’s best golfing lenses at a tremendous saving in price – because we ship direct from our lab to you!

The PRO-TOUR™ GOLF Lens is available as prescription and as non-prescription. Simply mail us your current sunglasses or frames (from ANY brand!) and we’ll replace the lenses with the Pro-Tour Golf. Here’s the best part, the Pro-Tour lenses can come with our Digital Single Vision prescription lenses, or our Digital Progressive Lenses. You’ll get the best golfing lenses put into your favorite frames that are specially engineered with the proper light filtration qualities to enhance your game. If you’re wearing Nike, Adidas, Maui Jim, Oakley, or any brand of sunglasses, click here to get your standard lenses replaced with the very best golf lenses in the industry. Send a pair of sunglasses you love and let us make them Golf-Ready! (We’ll understand if you don’t tell your golfing buddies where you got them…)

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