Choosing the Right Sunglasses for Driving!

There’s nothing more annoying than harsh glare, or the sun beating into your eyes when you’re driving. That’s why most people wear sunglasses when they drive. But are all sunglasses up to the task of protecting your eyes and ensuring your safety when driving? The short answer is, well – no. There are some important features in sunglasses specific for driving that your favorite pair of sunglasses may be missing. That’s why we’ve written this guide to sunglasses specifically made for driving. We’ve broken down the key benefits needed for the perfect pair of driving sunglasses into two parts: the frame, and the lens.


If you read our definitive guide to golfing sunglasses (link), then you’ll know just how important frame choice can be. While golfing is a bit more active, and frame choice plays a larger part of picking those sunglasses, your frame choice for driving is still an important factor. Because driving is all about your eyesight, your frames need to ensure that you can see as well as possible.

Your most stylish pair of sunglasses may be hurting your ability to see. Some frames can be thick, and if made specifically for fashion, could be obstructing your peripheral view. If you want the safest pair of sunglasses for driving, you’ll want a pair with frames are not only thin, so the frame doesn’t obstruct your view, but also protects your eyes from the sun and improves your vision on the road. Wrap-arounds make really great sunglasses for driving, and so do aviators. These types of designs ensure you’re protecting your eyes and also have a larger field of vision to see the road and surroundings more fully.


As you can see (no pun intended), the frame choice isn’t too hard: find something that will protect your eyes and doesn’t block your sight. The lens, however, has a few more considerations, and is likely the main reason your current favorite pair of sunglasses may not be the best for driving.

Polarized Sunglasses

The first consideration when it comes to lens is whether or not the glasses should be polarized. Lucky for us, the answer is simple. Your sunglasses for driving should be polarized unless you’re wearing our 420 IR Dream Polarized sunglasses will help reduce the glare from a wet road, and even from passing headlights. This means you’ll be much more comfortable when driving, not having to strain your eyes. They also provide a better experience in foggy conditions. This is enough to warrant making sure your sunglasses are polarized when driving.

Lens Color

Let’s talk lens color now. There’s a ton of different sunglass lens tints, some make seeing while driving easier, and some make them incredibly dangerous. The lens colors you want to definitely stay away from are green, blue, and pink. While these may be fine for regular use and wear, these lens colors can make traffic lights totally indistinguishable, making wearing sunglasses that are tinted green, blue, or pink very dangerous for driving purposes. So, we’ve got the danger out of way, which colors are going to work best?

Typically, grey, brown and green colored lenses are going to be the most useful when driving. These lenses are designed with a neutral light filtration, which means that you’re not going to see colors much differently when wearing them. Yellow lenses can also be useful, as they’ll bring out the contrast of the road, allowing you to see even better.

Speaking of yellow lenses, there are sunglasses that are tinted yellow specifically for low-light driving. Having yellow-tinted sunglasses means you could not only use them to help see when the sun is obstructing your view, you can also use them to enhance the contrast of the road, allowing you to see even better when there’s not a lot of light. This means yellow could help in all situations.

All of these lens choices can bring up a serious problem. Unlike other activities you may want to use sunglasses for, you’ll be driving in all kinds of conditions. You’ll want to use your sunglasses in low-light, a regular sunny day, and when the sun is beating down on you, brighter than ever. Depending on the tint and density of your sunglasses, a single pair may not be suitable for all conditions, especially the low-light. Does this mean you’ll have to carry around three pairs of sunglasses in your car? Not anymore! Transitions® Drivewear® Lenses (Link “transitions Drivewear to product page) are specifically made to fix this issue. Transitions adjust their color and tint depending how the brightness of the sun, allowing you to not have to worry, simply keep focused on the road and your sunglasses will change for you!

The Transitions® Drivewear® are the perfect sunglasses for driving. They’re polarized and will always be the best color for the condition. If you’re not sure you’re ready to give up your most comfortable pair of sunglasses for a new set, you’re in luck! At Sunglass Underground, you can simply send us your favorite pair of sunglasses, and we’ll put Transitions® Drivewear® glasses right into your favorite frames. It could not be easier, or more affordable to get the perfect pair of driving sunglasses. Click here to see if Transitions® Drivewear® is right for you! (Hint: They are!)