Caring for Your Glasses

You’ve stepped up! These are not your $19.95 drugstore glasses. If you’ve purchased sunglasses or lenses from the Sunglass Underground, you now own quality eyewear! Time to re-think how you treat your glasses:

Rule #1: When they’re not on your face, they should be in their case!

Rule #2:   Use only a micro-fiber cloth, lens cleaning tissue, or a damp paper towel to clean your lenses.

Rule #3: When possible, use a lens cleaning spray or small amount of mild dish soap, like Dawn or Joy, to clean your lenses. Do not use Windex or other commercial cleaners as these contain chemicals that can permanently damage your lenses.     

Rule #4: Don’t sit on your glasses! (did we really have to tell you this) J


A Personal Story

In the 1980’s, when I was a young man, I saw a cool pair of Porche sunglasses, with very good lenses. They were $150, which equates to about $500 if I were buying them today. I wanted them because they were so cool, but could barely afford them. I said to the salesman, “I can’t get these, I always lose my sunglasses and scratch them.” He looked right back at me and said, “Once you buy an expensive pair, you won’t lose them or scratch them again. You’ll take care of them.”

He was right, I had them for years. Even after I moved on to other styles, they sat in a draw, in perfect condition. Perhaps I was more susceptible to his words than others, but I hope to influence you in the same way: take care of your eyewear! Follow the advice above and you’ll have your glasses for years.

Another point: Once I wore good lenses, I could never go back to wearing cheap sunglasses. They’re actually bad for your eyes and will hurt your vision over time!

With warm regards,

Steve Richards, Lens & Coating Specialist

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